From my earliest memories, I think I was always drawing - aeroplanes, cars, houses and landscapes and it soon became apparent that this was where my future was headed.


Leaving school, my next stop was art college l where I specialised in illustration and graphic design, leading to a career in a variety of creative departments of advertising agencies and newspapers.

Throughout my later years in business, my interest in oil painting grew with a leaning towards the human figure - portraits and life  - although not to the exclusion of any subject really. Attending a variety of courses with several different tutors, I re-learned a lot of the things I’d been taught along with new skills and importantly new ways of looking at things. 

So now, my interest is getting to know people of all ages and try to interpret their character - and if I’m lucky - a likeness, on to canvas. For me it  all starts with the drawing, a skill which is difficult to achieve however much you practice and very often, many attempts are needed in the planning of a painting. I like to paint from life but of course this is not always possible so I take photographs as well for detail work or ‘difficult bits’. 

The beauty of drawing and painting is that there’s never a shortage of subject whether it’s people, landscapes, still life, animals - sitting on a train or at an airport, there’s always something to draw or paint.


I’ve yet to progress to abstract work and installation - maybe next year if I can find the time!